Exercise after Liposuction

Exercise is an integral part of post liposuction care. Liposuction is the surgical removal of extra fat from different body parts for body contouring and weight loss. If you are unable to maintain this new figure, all the efforts of surgery and your money is a wastage. And exercise is definitely a major solution to maintain this new shape.

You are not allowed to resume back to all regular physical activities immediately after the surgery. In fact, you are not even supposed to drive home on own. Also, you should not perform any mechanical work for up to 48 hours after surgery. Below given are some of the exercise after liposuction that may be taken up safely and effectively.

1st week after liposuction:

Though not any mechanical or unthinking work, but few hours after the surgery (8-10 hours), the doctor may ask you to take a light walk for about 1/2 a kilometer to encourage better blood circulation through all body parts. From this 1st day of surgery to the 7th day, you may steadily increase the distance up to a kilometer but at a slower pace only. This walk may be in form of walking to the bathroom for a shower or anywhere else in the house. Care should be taken that the compression garments are on every time except while taking shower.

2nd week after liposuction:

Even in the second week after liposuction, among all cardiovascular exercises, moderate pace walking is the best recommended. Here you may cover up to 2 km each day with the speed of 4 km/hr. Use of treadmills may be permitted in the second week. You may resume back to your office duty after about 10 days, get back to routine work such as cooking, dusting, looking after children, physical activities between partner, etc if your doctor permits by now. Avoid excess bending or stretching during any activity.

3rd week after liposuction:

Other moderate paced cardio exercises such as cross trainers, stationary bikes, cycling, brisk walk may be taken up in the 3rd week after liposuction. Resistance or weight training exercises may be started as much as tolerated in this week. They are extremely important to tighten up the loose or hanging skin after removal of fat in between. Start with lighter weights and increase as you are comfortable. Check with the doctor immediately in case of any discomfort or drainage from the operated sites after these exercises.

4th week after liposuction:

Along with cardiovascular and resistance exercises, you may also start with some relaxing activities such as Yoga, Sun salutations (aka Surya namaskaras), meditation, etc. Stretch only that can be easily tolerated by your body. By the end of 4th week, you may consult your physician and check whether your body is now ready for rigorous activities.

5th week after liposuction:

With a prior permission and thorough check up from your physician you may now start hobby activities such as aerobics, dancing; rigorous exercises such as skipping, jogging, running; sports such as badminton, cricket, basket ball, volley ball, etc.

You may start your routine activities by now. Always remember to take a health expert's opinion before taking up any new physical activity, this can help minimize health hazards.


  • Water activities such as swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, jacuzzi, etc. for 2-3 months depending upon the recovery.
  • Jumping, stretching or bending too much for first 15 days after surgery.

Benefits of Exercise After Liposuction:

  • Maintaining or further reduction of body fats.
  • Improving body contours.
  • Managing blood lipid levels including cholesterol, LDL, triglycerides.
  • Better blood glucose control.
  • Tightening the loose skin after liposuction.
  • Increase body resistance, vigor and immunity.

When combined with a well planned diet schedule, exercise can help you achieve all the post liposuction benefits. So, find out what suits you the best and extract the maximum benefits out of this surgery!

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