How to lose Pubic Fat

Losing fat from the pubic area has become much popular amongst young males and females as excess pubic fat may make the area look ugly and bulgy, especially, in a skin fit swim suit or gym wear. Some often find it as an obstacle in their 'otherwise perfect figure'. Pubic region is the area between your lower abdomen and thighs and losing weight only from the pubic area is difficult. You need to target and exercise the whole body.

Here are some simple tips that may be implemented at home for losing fat from the pubic region:

Top 5 Exercise tips to lose pubic fat:

  • Burn out the extra calories stored as fat in your body. Take up any aerobic activity of your choice such jogging, running, swimming, dancing, cycling etc for at least 30 min. It will help burn the stored fat from all your body areas including pubic. 
  • Every pound of stored fat in your body contains 3500 calories, hence aim to burn at least 500 calories each day and lose 1 pound of stored fat every week. You will notice fat loss from the pubic area much later after losing fat from other prominent body areas such as abdomen, hips, thighs, etc. 
  • Including abdominal crunches (Lie on your back, pull up the neck and shoulders towards your bent knees while you concentrate on your abdominal muscles), sit ups (stand straight with hands held forward, bend down from knees as you get into the sitting position, hold for few seconds and then again stand straight and repeat), air cycling (lay on your back, raise your legs in the air and make the pedaling action in the air. you should feel the tightening over the lower abdominal muscles),  obliques (lie on your back, bend your knees, raise your left shoulder to touch the right knee and raise your right shoulder to touch your left knee alternately) These exercises will help tighten the muscles there and improve their definition. You may also lie down on your back, pull up the legs in the air, and then bring your knees closer to your chest and hold for few seconds and release.
  • Exercising before your breakfast time, ensures maximum burning of stored body fat. So, aim for it. 
  • Keep changing your exercise type every few months. In such a case, your body will respond faster. For example, you may swim for 3-4 months and then switch to aerobics or dance or whatever you like. 

Top 5 Diet tips to lose pubic fat:

  • Select a healthy diet including whole grains such as whole wheat, barley, rye, oats, maize, etc. Consumption of refined cereals such as white breads, bakery products, refined wheat noodles or pasta lack fiber and may lead to weight gain.
  • Lean proteins such as fish, egg whites, chicken without skin, turkey, soy, low fat dairy, etc. They will help build muscles to replace body fat.
  • Including plenty of green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, will keep your system clean, help in fat loss from all body parts including pubic.  
  • Drink plenty of plain water. Prefer lemon water, thin soups with pepper, green tea, coconut water etc as they help raise the basal metabolic rate (BMR) which helps lose weight faster from whole body including the pubic area. Avoid carbonated beverages, sweetened juices or caffeine containing beverages.
  • Avoid fried snacks, sugary foods, excess salt, preserved foods. Prefer boiling, broiling, grilling or baking over frying.

Lose every bit of the stored fat from your body, be it a minor part such as pubic region, and get a perfect body line.

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