Liposuction Procedure: Fat Transfer Breasts

Fat transfer breast augmentation is the most recent, amazing technique that can help improve the size and shape of your breasts naturally without using implants. Women who are unsatisfied with the size of their breast due to any medical problem, motherhood or aging, fat breast transfer can help you improve and achieve well shaped and proportionate breasts.

a breast augmentation can help you achieve an attractive and well-proportioned chest.

Fat transfer breast augmentation is gaining much more popularity against breast implants as they do not involve any foreign material but your own body fat. Also, it requires minimal incisions and scarring, less downtime and quicker healing process.

Eligibility for Liposuction: Fat transfer breasts

A thorough medical check up from a fat transfer breast augmentation board certified plastic surgeon is essential to assess the suitability of the candidate.

Fat transfer breasts may be implemented on candidates who are unsatisfied with the shape and size of their breasts. The person should be in an overall good health and should expect improvement of only about 1-2 cup size. You are the best candidate for fat transfer breasts in case if your breasts size is affected due to some medical condition. You may go for this surgery if you require a breast reconstruction due to removal of lumps or collapsed breast implant,  to correct genetic problems such as tuberous breasts, increase self confidence and improved look after lactating period or during aging.

Liposuction procedure: Fat transfer breasts

Fat transfer breast augmentation may be performed by a specialist plastic surgeon only. He/She may make use of local or general anesthesia.

This surgery involves two procedures- removal of fat through liposuction and later injection of fat cells in to the breasts.

The surgeon will first remove fat by liposuction from a pre-decided area, may be abdomen, hips, thighs or inner knees which usually contain extra fat. The fat is suctioned out with the help of a thin cannula. This fat is then processed/centrifuged to remove the blood cells and other liquids present with the fat. At last, this yellow liquid fat is transplanted into the breasts. Fat may be transferred using injections or by placing strips of harvested fat in the breasts. Visibility of results may take several months. 

Time required for liposuction: Fat transfer breasts

Depending upon the method used for fat transfer breasts augmentation and amount of fat to be grafted, this procedure takes about 2-5 hours.

Cost of Liposuction: Fat transfer breasts

Depending upon your location, fat transfer breasts may cost you somewhere between $5000-$15000. These charges are inclusive of both the procedures- liposuction and fat injection.

Post Liposuction care: Fat transfer breasts

Doctor usually advises a 2-3 days bed rest when the incision sites heal after the surgery after which you may resume to your regular activities. There may be some bruising and discomfort at both the liposuction and injected site. You may be prescribed some pain killers and other anti-biotics to take care of this pain and discomfort. Take your medicines on time and keep your body well hydrated. Avoid too much bending and lifting any heavy household objects for 15 days.

You are expected to wear a special garment/bra for 15 days which ensures fixing of fat to the breast and mold into a new shape after fat transfer breast augmentation.

Diet after Liposuction: Fat transfer breasts

A normal healthy and balanced diet may be taken up after this procedure. Include a variety of whole grains, pulses, fresh fruits and vegetables, skim milk & it's products, nuts and oilseed, etc.  Limit the use of sugar, butter, margarine and other fats. Consume a lot of water throughout the day.

Exercise after Liposuction: Fat transfer breasts

After a 2 days bed rest, you may resume to your normal physical activities. Avoid rigorous exercises such as running, aerobics, kick boxing, etc. You may take up simple exercises such as walking in the beginning and gradually shift to cycling or jogging. Lifting of heavy objects or weights should be avoided for a month. Any activity that may strain the chest muscles may be avoided for a month.

Side effects of Fat transfer breasts

The injected fat during this procedure is prone to crystallization which may cause the breast cancer detection difficult. Another associated side effects may be calcification of inserted fat, lumps due to re absorption of fat into the body, sometimes bleeding or infection at the surgical site. In rare cases, fat embolism may also occur, that is, when a small amount of fat becomes lose and gets carried through the body and cause a blockage in some blood vessel.

Fat that dies after injecting, gets absorbed into the body and does not enhance the breast.

The effect of this procedure is not permanent, it needs repetition. Normally, it lasts for about 6 months to 8 years.

So, what are you waiting for? Reshape your body and regain your confidence once again!

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