Remedies for Hair Loss in PCOS

Poly cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a group of signs and symptoms including irregular menstrual cycle, hair loss, hirsutism, acne, dark patches etc. The major underlying cause for these symptoms is Insulin Resistance (IR). High levels of insulin in the blood cause over-production of the male sex hormones (testosterone).   

High levels of testosterone reduces the rejuvenation of the hair follicles in the scalp. Surprisingly, they activate the follicles where hair growth is not required like chin, cheeks, upper lips etc. which is known as hirsutism. A male pattern of baldness is observed in women with PCOS with hair loss on the top and middle. This brings in a strong connection between women and hair loss.

There are some simple natural home remedies that may help you prevent loss of hair in PCOS and also regrowth of the lost hair:

  • Indian Goose berry oil (also known as amla) oil is one of the best treatment against hair fall. Goose berry juice can also be applied on the scalp before hair wash.

  • Keratin, an essential protein in hair is necessary for strengthening the hair. Take sufficient amount of protein in the diet through eggs, milk, yogurt, cheese, soy products, chicken, fish etc.

  • Massage with coconut oil or coconut milk is helpful.

  • Use of almond oil for hair massage is also a good home remedy.

  • Avoid excess intake of sugar as well as simple carbohydrates as they may lead to over-production of testosterone.

  • High levels of sugar in blood is known to reduce biotin (B vitamin) levels in the body. This may also cause hair fall. Rich sources of biotin are yeast, egg, chicken, liver, cauliflower, tomato, avocado, raspberries etc. which if included in diet can help reduce hair loss.

  • Spinach juice when combined with lettuce juice reduces hair fall.

  • Application of henna (aka mehendi) on the scalp prevents hair loss.

  • Fenugreek seeds powder and mixed with little water and applied on the scalp before bath reduces hair loss

  • Application of powdered liquorice, a natural herb, stops hair fall in women showing symptoms of PCOS.

  • Fresh aloevera (herb) pulp applied on the scalp prevents hair fall.

  • A fine paste of black pepper seeds mixed with lime seeds powder and curds applied over the scalp is a good home remedy.

  • Application of cinnamon powder and honey mixed in olive oil on scalp is a natural home remedy for PCOS.

These treatments for hair loss during PCOS are natural home remedies that are easy and ready-to-implement. These can not only help you retrieve your beautiful and healthy hair but also get back your normal skin, reduce facial hair, regularize your menses and improve fertility and overall health. So why not try them once?

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